Food offered in Kauksi Holiday Home is preferably made from local raw materials

received from surrounding fields, lakes, forest, gardens.


Bread offered is always made on site. Bread flour is purchased from Tagavälja Farm and Kaarli farm. Our malt bread – Päsari bread has a trademark of “Viru toit” (Viru food), which means that at least 75 % of the raw material in bread is from local fields. Sometimes it is possible to buy the bread if in stock!

Tasty Estonian food!


Catering up to 60 people has to be booked in advanced:

• Group lunch from 15 €/per person

• Snacks from 6 €/per person

• Party table for 20-27 €/per person

• Picnics in the open air (in an agreed location)

• Coffee break from 2.50 €/per person




Pork or lamb and vegetables are prepared for cooking and placed into a pre-heated hole for some hours by our smoke sauna. Later potatoes are added in the charcoal. While the food is cooking, you may cook fresh fish on the fire, walk by Lake Peipsi or just have a good time in the open air. Why not order the smoke sauna and enjoy the hot steam. When the food is ready, a hearty meal follows. 

Minimum number of people 10, price 30 €/per person, groups from 11 people 25 €/per person. 

Smoke sauna 150 €

NB! We cook together with you from April till October.